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With KYD Process Service, you have an invaluable legal resource to decrease your workload and give you one less thing to worry about.  For twenty five years we have provided quality process service and skiptracing to our customers.  You can rely on KYD Process Service to provide prompt turnaround and quality performance for you.  One call to KYD Process Service gets your papers served ANYWHERE.  We handle Baltimore City, all of Maryland's 23 counties, Washington DC, Northern Virginia....................ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Our experienced servers handle everything from one local subpoena to hundreds of complaints served nationally.  Court filings are provided free of charge.  




At KYD Process Service, we use technology to process, serve and provide our customers with professional affidavits of service.  For those hard to find cases, we use the #1 trusted cloud-based investigative and data search software to get your papers served.  If you need a quality, reasonably priced process service company that adheres to all local rules and regulations, call 410 963 9535.  We get the job done!!!!!!!!!!!